Life After Ashes: A Charity Anthology

Steven M Saus, head of Alliteration Ink, is putting together a charity anthology to raise money for Greg Campbell, a writer, Navy veteran, and single parent. You see, Greg recently lost everything in a house fire. This fire happened not long after his wife died. I can’t imagine the strain such back to back tragedies would cause. Greg’s relatives set up crowdfunding campaign to help get him back on his feet. The details of it can be found here.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is and donated to the cause. More than that, I’ve given Steven permission to reprint my story, “Fangirl”, in the anthology. Even if you already own a copy of Sidekicks!, I urge you to consider purchasing this anthology. Those who contribute $25 or more will receive a copy of Life After Ashes. This book will have stories from over 50 authors including Lucy A Snyder, Nisi Shawl, Gary Graunbeck, and Tobias Buckell.

More details can be found on Alliteration Ink’s tumbler page here.

The fundraiser only has 17 more days left. After February 2nd, the book will not be available again. Even if you can’t afford $25, please consider donating what you can. Thank you!

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