Marianne’s Macabre Movie Review

Yep, still alive. Still writing. Nope. No sales. However, my friend Marianne started a new podcast about horror movies called Marianne’s Macabre Movie Review. It’s a tongue in cheek show where she picks a film then has a few of her friends over to watch and discuss it. She was kind enough to have me on as a guest commentator for the first episode. On it we discussed the J-Horror equivalent of Freddy vs. Jason, Kayako vs. Sadako. You can subscribe to it on I-Tunes and follow it on Twitter @MacabreReview.

NOTE: The episode was recorded around the same time this website was last updated. So you’ll hear me be all excited about being eligible for the John W. Campbell award. Clearly, I did not get nominated =). Also, the anthology mentioned is no longer available.

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