Metastasis Interview and an Update on Chaos

A few weeks back I was interviewed by writer/editor Rhonda Parrish regarding my story in Metastasis. The interview has been posted on her website this morning. You can check it out here.

Also I wanted to share how Chaos is doing. The biopsy results came back. He has a nasal transitional carcinoma. This is a malignant cancer for which there is no cure. It tends to claim dogs pretty fast if left untreated. Already we’re seeing changes in Chaos energy level. When he breathes, he sounds congested. Luckily, chest x-rays appear to show that the cancer has not yet spread to the other parts of his body. We’re taking him in to see an oncologist later this week to discuss treatment options. I understand that radiation can be used to temporarily halt the progress of the disease and shrink the tumor, thus giving a dog better quality of life for the time he has left.

What doesn’t help, though, are the dozens of “doctors” pushing forward quack theories on the internet. There is no shortage of fiends who will use your fears and lack of knowledge to push their political views and untested herbal products on you. I don’t have time to get into it now, but I’m super fucking pissed at some of the stuff I’m reading.

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