For the Love of Chaos Coda, pt. 2: Faylinn

After the fourth straight day of seeing picture after picture in my Facebook feed of dogs up for adoption, I approached my wife.

“I get the feeling you’re trying to tell me something.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“The dog posts in Facebook. You keep “liking” posts about dogs up for adoption. You want to rescue another dog.”

While we had taught Chaos and Jessie a fair number of behaviors over the years, there was one trick they had taught my wife in return: The Bashful, Apologetic Eyes. She used it then, in response to my assertion. She followed it up with a pout filled, “yeah”. Continue reading

For The Love of Chaos Coda pt. 1: Jesse

I meant to write this months ago while Chaos was still alive. Yet, like so many other things in my life, I put it off thinking there was always tomorrow. Now tomorrow has come and I am without the most loving boy I have ever known. Chaos loved. There wasn’t a single person he met that he didn’t love. He knew the names of each of my friends. Each week on Thursday night he would become excited because he knew they were coming, even if no one told him, “It’s Thursday” (which would send him into a barking, corgi-butt wagging fit). Yet as much as he enjoyed hanging out with my D&D buddies, he loved our neighbors and their small herd of chihuahuas like family. Hanging out at their house was absolutely his favorite activity. Because of this, three years ago my wife and I thought he would like a fur brother of his own. So we started looking at rescue sites.  After several weeks of searching, this photograph appeared in one of my feeds. Continue reading

For the Love of Chaos: What is a Soul?

Throughout the room I heard several of my female classmates gasp. I, too, was struck somewhat dumb by the news. But with several members of the football team sitting behind me, eager for any excuse to make my teenage life hell, I dared not express my feelings.  Instead, I choked back on the emotions I felt for Buffy, my family’s dog. Even though I held my tongue, something about the teacher’s words didn’t feel right. Why would God punish an animal for being exactly what he created? Especially a dog that brings so much joy into peoples’ lives. I looked back up at Mr. Klemm. The football coach/religion teacher crossed his huge arms across his chest. A ripple of laughter shook his shoulders.

Yep,” he said with a beatific smile on his face, “your little Fido won’t be waiting for you in heaven. Dogs don’t have a soul.”

Continue reading

A Quick Update and Another Beer Review

Hi. I know. This site has been dormant. You probably thought I’d given up, yeah? Naw. Just getting some shit sorted. Some of it involves Chaos. The old boy is still fighting, but the allergies this year have taken a toll on him due to his compromised sinuses. Some of it involves stuffs I’m not sure I want to talk about here. But everyone still has their health. And I’m still writing.

However the reason I’m here right now is because the good lady who runs the Tipsy Techie has allowed me to post another of my beer reviews. This one is going to be a two parter. The first part is here. The second part should be going up in about a week. Take a look!