Update on Chaos – January 18, 2014

With the holidays behind us and a new year dawning, I felt it was time to post another update on Chaos’s condition. Just prior to Christmas his health took a dive.Mucus flowed out of his mouth. He was listless again and not eating. The insertion site for his feeding tube became red and puckered. We hustled him back to both our regular vet and then the oncologist. It turned out a MRSA-like strain of bacteria had infected the area around the feeding tube. A cocktail of basic antibiotics cleared up most of the symptoms within 72 hours. However it required some hardcore antibiotics and diligent daily cleanings of the infection to finally kill the buggers.

The oncologist saw Chaos again this past week. Everyone at the hospital is pretty much stunned with how well he has bounced back. His energy levels are up. He’s eating and drinking well. In fact, he put all his lost weight back on. They removed the feeding tube.

The biggest news they gave us, however, was that the airflow in his right nostril was strong. That means the radiation is working. The tumor is shrinking and they expected it to keep shrinking over the next few months. That’s as good as things could possibly be for us right now.

For those who have been following this ordeal, thank you so much for your continued support. Here are a pair of photographs of our stocky little cancer fighter playing with our other dog, Jesse.


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