Update on Chaos and Metastasis is on Sale

Chaos went in for his weekly checkup with the oncologist yesterday. She was amazed at his recovery. His mouth and tongue are 100% healed, and most of the hair loss has finished. Also, he got a little bit of airflow back through his right nostril. He looks so good, in fact, that she rescheduled his next checkup for next month. However she left the feeding tube in as a precaution, even though he’s only getting his meds and a bit of water through it now.

Around the home his behavior has definitely brightened. His appetite came back with a vengeance. He’s back to his old tricks of dancing between my legs while I cook and sniffing in the garbage can. On Saturday the wife and I decided to take the dogs for a walk. Chaos did great. He bounded along beside us, stopping only to do his you-know-what. When we got home, we figured he’d be exhausted. Instead, he picked up a ball and wanted to play fetch. He hasn’t wanted to play since the weekend after he had the biopsy performed. Yet there he was, running and jumping with an energy we hadn’t seen in a long time. My wife teared up she was so happy. I was so inspired that I wrote over 4500 words that day, finishing up a story that had been percolating in my head for weeks.

In other news, WolfSinger Publications is holding a sale for the holidays. All their titles are 25% off, including Metastasis. Details can be seen here: http://wolfsingerpubs.com/HappyHolidays.html. As you know, Metastasis is a very important anthology for me. Its theme hits close to home for my family. Over 60% of all proceeds from the sale of Metastasis are being donated to the American Cancer Society.

If you have already bought Metastasis, thank you so much! Please take a few moments and write an honest review someplace like Goodreads or Amazon.com. Small publishers rely on the word of mouth generated by reviews to make sales.

Here’s hoping that the year finishes on a strong note for me. Since I’m feeling so motivated I think I’m going to brew a batch of my porter this weekend. I call it “To the Black”. It’s a Firefly inspired porter where I use ginger in place of finishing hops. It makes for great holiday drinking.

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